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Moose's Monster Mash

    Most recent episode posted 1 week ago.

    Moose’s Monster Mash Episodes

    Day 10: Living the Dream with Justin Beahm
    For Moose’s 10th HORROR-fying day of Christmas he has a chat with Justin Beahm, who has worked with companies like Fangoria, Scream, Shout Factory, and many more!

    Day 9: A Psycho Cop with Robert Ray Shafer
    That’s right Horror hounds, for the ninth horror-fying day of Christmas we dig deep into the catacombs of horror and dig out Psycho Cop starring our guest Robert Ray Shafer.

    Day 8: Comics, Slashers, and Christmas oh my! With Robert Geronimo
    Moose talks with comic creator Robert Geronimo about slashers, Black Christmas, and his comics Wirehead & Blood Realm.

    Day 7: Judgement with Paul T. Taylor… Hellraiser
    Moose has such sights to show you as he talks with the star of Hellraiser: Judgement, Mr. Paul T. Taylor.

    Day 6: Moose the Movie
    We travel north to talk with Alaskan filmmaker Logan Dellinger about his Comedy Horror movie; Moose: The Movie.

    Day 5: It’s a Crazy Dreamworld with Mick Strawn
    Moose talks to Mick Strawn, art, production, and special effects designer whose credits include Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4, Blade, and many more.

    Day 4: Seize the Night with Emma Dark
    Moose talks with award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark.

    Day 3: Night of the Demons with Dennis Tenney
    Dennis Tenney joins me for day 3!! You’ve heard his musical talents in films like: Night of the Demons, and Leprechaun 3, now hear more about the process, and some stories behind your favorite movies.

    Day 2: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark…Tribute
    I sit down with Curt Tuckfield and Shane Hunt, creators of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: A Tribute to Terror. We “fan out” over the original series created by Schwartz and Gammell and discuss what went into making this awesome book!

    Day 1: Sandy Johnson from Halloween
    The first day of Moose’s 13 Horrorfiying days of Christmas with Sandy Johnson from Halloween. We talk about everything from her starting as a model and playing Judith Meyers to her becoming a teacher.

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