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Brian Krause from ”Charmed” and Season 4 Premiere : 13 Horror-fying days, Day 13

Moose's Monster Mash

It’s the season 4 premiere of Moose’s Monster Mash, and the 13th Horror-fying day of Christmas, and we give you Actor, Director, and Podcast Host, Leo Wyatt from “Charmed”, Mr. Brian Krause!!

Brian tells us about how he got started in the industry, then we start talking about his time on Stephen King’s “Sleepwalkers”, his breakout role in horror and a killer title role.  Listeners also get an inside look at how Brian feels about Horror. We talked about his time on Charmed and the ups and downs that went with playing the role of Leo for 8 seasons.  Find out how the the rewatch podcast, The House of Halliwell came to be, and listen to brian talk about some very deep emotional issues on this brand new episode.

watch the trailer for “The Demonologist” HERE:


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