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Halloween: 2 Too Many?

What does Moose like most about the Halloween franchise? How would Billy survive an impromptu Michael Myers attack? Find out these answers and more!!!

For this episode, I was joined by Billy Peck from Daydream Instruction Manual, and we sat down to talk about the Halloween the movie franchise.

We soon realized how large of a task that actually was, so we decided to narrow down our conversation. We focus on: John Carpenter’s Halloween 1&2; Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1&2; and the newest reboot that restarts the timeline, and promises a new continuity.

The Halloween Timeline can be some murky waters to navigate, so we offer our best understanding on how to unwind that ball of string.

Follow along as we talk about character development and comparison throughout the franchises.

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Daydream Instruction Manual https://www.facebook.com/daydreaminstructionmanual/

The Grawlix Podcast: https://www.grawlixpodcast.com