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Moose's Monster Mash

Special Episode #2: Pestering Hester

Moose's Monster Mash

What do Hobo Superheroes, The Swamp Thing, and the new body horror comic Family Tree, have in common?  These are just some of the gems from my conversation with comic book jack of all trades Phil Hester.  We sat down to talk about the new book Family Tree written by Jeff Lemire, a horror comic about a girl who is turning into an actual tree, and the lengths her family will go to to stop it.  Who’s Phil’s favorite character to draw? Does he ink his own stuff? What other horror books does he have coming out? Find out these answers and more on this episode of Moose’s Monster Mash!!! stick around after the end for a little fun with Phil.

Pictures clockwise:

Family Tree issue #1 cover art

Hobo Green Arrow and Hobo Flash by Phil Hester

Final work by Moose’s Marvelous Woodburnings and more

Burning of commission

Original Swamp thing Commission by Phil Hester

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