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Valentine’s Day Special: Featuring Horrorcore Artist, Komatose

Moose's Monster Mash

Horrorcore Icon, Komatose joins us for the first annual Valentine’s Day Movie Massacre. We dig into some of the popular horror titles that pop up around Valentine’s Day. 2001’s “Valentine” kicks off our holiday themed chat, we might not agree on the rewatchabilty  of this film, but we can both agree that there’s enough source material for a much darker remake.  Speaking of darker remakes, we then move into the 1981 classic, and its 2009 requel “My Bloody Valentine” there’s a lot to talk about with these two films, but one thing is for sure, we’re ready for a Jensen Ackles led sequel.  finally we dig into “The ride of Chucky” i cant repeat much of what was said here, but just know, that the conversation is as fun as the movie.  Happy Valentine’s Day from Moose’s Monster Mash.



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