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1980s Movie Graveyard Episodes

  • Nightcrawler
    You are gonna need steady hands to make it through this wild ride of modern masterpiece Kino when Bat32 and Goat dissect Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Bill Paxton! So grab your camcorder and enjoy the show!
  • American Beauty
    Goat and Zach examine the ultimate turn of the century Kino, American Beauty. This film closed out 1999 with a bang of cinematic artistry and problematic themes starring problematic actors. We will never witness another phenomena like this! Grab your r…
  • Date with an Angel
    Love is in the air as Boo & Goat sit down to enjoy the super romantic and super zany 1987 film Date with an Angel. Weird and wacky antics are afoot in this story about a man’s dream girl just dropping out of the sky and the romance that ensues. So grab…
  • Johnny Be Good
    It’s time to send football season out with a bang with Boo & Goat as they watch the seminal classic sports film Johnny Be Good! This Anthony Michael Hall flick is pure 80s and is also the most realistic depiction of collegiate gridiron politics ever ca…
  • Favorite Movies of 1983
    Trev and Goat return to give props to their favorite movies of 1983! And for an extra little bonus, we give you our favorite movies of 2022 as well! So hold on tight because the ice is gonna break!
  • Buffalo ’66
    The Kino Kids return in 2023! Bat32 & The Goat usher in a new era of Kino greatness by flashing back to the 1998 masterpiece Buffalo ’66 which was written, directed, edited and produced by the great actor Vincent Gallo. This episode is pure luxury just…
  • Terror Train (1980)
    Goat and Zach send the year out with a magical bang by jumping aboard the Terror Train! That’s right, this New Year’s Eve party choo choo has everything you need for a good time including booze, bedpans, costumes, Magicians and a young Jamie Lee Curtis…
  • A Christmas Story
    Boo and Goat kick off the holiday season by revisiting the Bob Clark classic A Christmas Story. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane so grab your Red Ryder air rifle and enjoy the show!
  • Saving Silverman
    On this edition of The Movie Graveyard, Zach and Goat dig up the corpse of one of the best comedies of the early 2000s, the R rated version of Saving Silverman! This movie is so wild it features not only searing sexual tension while eating Arby’s but a…
  • Movie Hoarders #1
    This time of the year is all about gluttony and in that tradition, we are proud to present the first ever episode of our new show within a show, Movie Hoarders! Goat and Bat32 will take you through an excruciatingly long 4+ hour journey into some of th…