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1980s Movie Graveyard Episodes

  • Commando
    The Movie Graveyard Podcast returns with some very special guests to help The Goat cover the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic film Commando. Very special thanks to Heather & Liz from The Nerdy Bitches podcast for stopping by the Graveyard! Please visit them at www.nerdybitches.com and check out their awesome show!
  • Questions from Twitter
    The Movie Graveyard Podcast returns with a different type of episode as we sit down to answer some questions from our Twitter feed that came in from our friends and fellow podcasters. Lots of 80s soundtrack and wrestling talk on this one so buckle up and get ready to rock.
  • Cyborg
    The Movie Graveyard Podcast returns to dig up the most influential film of all time, Cyborg starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Sprinkle some dirt into your hair, grab your paintball gun and enjoy the show!
  • A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
    The Movie Graveyard Podcast returns for a scorcher of a show by covering the horrific and sexy A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. Grab your headphones and head down to the boiler room for one hell of a show!
  • Above The Law
    The 1980s Movie Graveyard podcast returns to travel back in time and explore the origins of Steven Seagal in his 1988 autobiographical film Above The Law. Slick your hair back and get ready for a high octane action packed episode!
  • The Boys Next Door
    The  Movie Graveyard Podcast returns to salute all the Graduates of 2016 by digging up The Boys Next Door starring Charlie Sheen and Maxwell Caulfield, a shocking tale of two small town boys who go on a killing spree to celebrate their high school graduation. So get ready to do some winning by firing up ...
  • The Punisher
    The 1980s Movie Graveyard returns to dissect one of the original Marvel comic book movies, 1989’s The Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle. Not only will the guilty be punished on this episode but we also fire a few more shots in the Slowhand Civil War, talk about WWE Divas, Dixie Carter, Pistol Whipped ...
  • Silent Rage
    “Chuck Norris is like a girl trying lesbianism for the first time”. The 1980s Movie Graveyard returns to suffer through the Chuck Norris action/horror hybrid thriller Silent Rage. Off topic banter includes WWF, Steven Seagal, weird blu-ray boxsets, shots fired in the Slowhand Radio Civil War, Friday the 13th and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s divorce. Lock your ...
  • Private Resort
    The 1980s Movie Graveyard breaks out the time machine once again to bring you an in depth examination of the classic all star cast 80s comedy Private Resort! Get ready to strip down, lace up your running shoes and streak down some hallways!
  • Highlander
    The 1980s Movie Graveyard Podcast returns with a shocking announcement to kick off the month of April and to discuss the franchise spawning classic action film Highlander starring the talented versatile actor Christopher Lambert. When it comes to a chopping off heads contest, there can be only one!