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1980s Movie Graveyard Episodes

  • Video Violence
    Zach and Goat uncover the amazing 1980s independent horror gem, Video Violence. This pioneering shot on video horror film has a brilliant plot revolving around a video store owner who uncovers an evil conspiracy when a snuff film is accidentally return…
  • Streets of Fire
    Trev and Goat take a nostalgia filled trip down to the streets where a Rock & Roll fable is burning bright! Yes we are talking about Walter Hill’s early 80s stylish retro cult classic Streets of Fire! Grab your rubber fishing pants, jump on a motorcycl…
  • Problem Child
    It’s a wild romp as Zach and Goat revisit the 90s comedy classic Problem Child! Grab your bow tie and Smiley Pies and enjoy the show!
  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
    Goat and Zach return to the woods with shovels in hand to dig up one of the most infamous horror sequels of all time. That’s right we are going full goth with Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2! So grab your black lipstick and beer and enjoy the show!  
  • Trev & Goat’s Movie Talk Vol. 1
    Trev and Goat try something new as they each prepare a surprise list of movie related topics that they are eager to hear each other’s take on. So pop some popcorn, grab a seat and enjoy the show!
  • Compliance
    Zach & Goat sink to the cruelest depths of humanity as we examine the shockingly based on true events film Compliance. Who knew that a fast food chicken restaurant could be the setting for such an unspeakable crime? Grab your prepaid phone card and enj…
  • Death Wish 3
    Boyo is back! The streets run red with blood once again as Trev and Goat witness the carnage of Death Wish 3. Grab your Wildey and enjoy the show Boyo!
  • Favorite Movies of 1982
    Trev and Goat get nostalgic and talk about their favorite movies from 1982. Grab your E.T. plushie and enjoy the show!
  • Critters 2: The Main Course
    Goat and Zach break open some eggs and celebrate Easter by watching Critters 2: The Main Course! Brad Brown is back in town and all hell is breaking loose! So grab your Heifer burger and fried Crite and enjoy the show!
  • COUF #2: Ernest P. War Zone
    Gary C and The Moose return to talk all things phantasmagorical as pertaining to Dolph Lundgren’s The Punisher and Jim Varney’s Ernest Goes to Jail! So sit back, open the garage door and enjoy!