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1980s Movie Graveyard Episodes

  • Clerks
    Goat & Zach set up shop in The Movie Graveyard to talk about one of the biggest cult comedies of all time, Clerks!
  • The Warriors vs The Wanderers
    Trev & The Goat gather in The Movie Graveyard to discuss their favorite gang films of 1979, The Warriors and The Wanderers.
  • Rad (1986)
    Boo & Goat have some summer fun by witnessing the spectacular BMX bike stunts of the extreme sports classic film Rad. Hold on to your handlebars and enjoy the show!
  • Forgotten Films of The 80s
    Trev and The Goat return to The Movie Graveyard to shine a light on some films from the 1980s that don’t get talked about much anymore.
  • Idle Hands
    Zach returns to The Movie Graveyard to help Goat make sense of the wild and wacky 1999 horror comedy Idle Hands. Grab your asthma inhaler and enjoy the show!
  • All The Right Moves
    Boo & Goat venture into the Tom Cruise cinematic universe by examining the hard hitting 1983 teen drama All The Right Moves.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
    On this classic cut from the crypt, Goat is joined by Trev and special bonus guest Byrd to battle it out over the controversial reboot The Amazing Spider-Man!
  • The Horror Movies of 1981
    Goat & Trev take a close up look at the amazing amount of classic horror movies that were released in 1981!
  • Poltergeist (1982)
    Goat & Boo scare up some good movie conversation while revisiting the 1982 blockbuster horror classic Poltergeist.
  • The Hidden
    The Goat and Trev3K return to the Movie Graveyard to dig up one of the wildest 1980s sci fi action flicks. The Hidden!