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1980s Movie Graveyard Episodes

  • Bride of Boogedy
    Trev & Goat celebrate Halloween by delving back into the Mr. Boogedy Cinematic Universe by dissecting the classic sequel Bride of Boogedy! This film is so full of spooky pranks that it is must see Kino during this time of year. So grab your pumpkin and…
  • The Guyver
    Goat is joined by special guests Matt and Byrd from The Kaiju Transmissions podcast to talk all about the 1991 live action adaptation of The Guyver. This one is quite the mad monster party that you won’t want to miss. Also after the episode we dive dee…
  • 2 Days in the Valley
    Zach & Goat kick off fall movie season by digging up the fun 90s ensemble noir film 2 Days in the Valley.
  • Freejack
    Zach and Goat time travel to the future year of 2009 to examine the amazing body snatching mystery of Freejack starring action film icon Mick Jagger! This forgotten gem of a film would predict many of the events that have shaped our society in modern t…
  • Trev & Goat‘s Movie Talk Vol. 2
    Trev & Goat return with more surprise topics to pick each other’s brains on the 2nd Volume of Movie Talk. What will we talk about? Tune in to find out!
  • Better Off Dead
    Goat & Zach return to talk about the hilarious suicidal teen comedy Better Off Dead starring John Cusack. This cult classic from Savage Steve Holland featuring dancing hamburgers and Jell-O snorting just gets weirder and better with age. So grab your t…
  • Friday the 13th Part 3
    It’s that time of the year again when Trev & Goat go back to Camp Crystal Lake to see what Jason is up to. This time our favorite mass murderer is getting funky and discovering a new sporty look while hacking up teens in the most brutal ways possible.
  • Video Violence
    Zach and Goat uncover the amazing 1980s independent horror gem, Video Violence. This pioneering shot on video horror film has a brilliant plot revolving around a video store owner who uncovers an evil conspiracy when a snuff film is accidentally return…
  • Streets of Fire
    Trev and Goat take a nostalgia filled trip down to the streets where a Rock & Roll fable is burning bright! Yes we are talking about Walter Hill’s early 80s stylish retro cult classic Streets of Fire! Grab your rubber fishing pants, jump on a motorcycl…
  • Problem Child
    It’s a wild romp as Zach and Goat revisit the 90s comedy classic Problem Child! Grab your bow tie and Smiley Pies and enjoy the show!