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Zoobilee Zoo Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 9 – Trading Places
    So much fun being able to sit down and reminisce about one of our all time favorite shows, Zoobilee Zoo. Sit back and enjoy learning new things about Zoobilee Zoo as Paul and Billy get new information out of Lookout Bear himself, Michael B. Moynahan.&n…
  • Episode 8 – Robot Zoobles
    After a little Adventure, we’re back! Michael, Billy, and Paul dig into Robot Zoobles and guess what? You get to hear a piece from the script that was never filmed and it is amazing! Facebook.com/ZoobileeZooPod Twitter.com/ZoobileeZooPod Instagram.com/…
  • Episode 7 – When You Wish Upon A Tooth Fairy w/ Louise Vallance
    The lovely Ms. Louise Vallance (Whazzat Kangaroo) is back with us to discuss one of her favorite episodes! Her and Michael (Lookout Bear) go into a lot of aspects of the show and their careers and as always, is an incredibly fun listen. Enjoy Zoobaroos…
  • Episode 6 – The Genie w/ Louise Vallance
    The good time just keeps rolling in and this time, Stevie Louise Vallance (Whazzat Kangaroo) is along for the adventure. She was an absolute pleasure to spend time with and Zoobaroos will love to hear from her!  Facebook.com/ZoobileeZooPod Twitte…
  • Episode 5 – Land of Rhymes w/ Gary Schwartz
    Gary (Bravo Fox) comes back for another episode and this time they, alongside his friends Michael B. Moynahan (Lookout Bear), Paul Harder III, and Billy Peck, take a ride through the Tunnel of Surprise to the Land of Rhymes!
  • Episode 4 – Bravo, Come Home
    We are joined with our first special guest, Bravo Fox himself, Gary Schwartz!!! He joins Michael B. Moynahan (Lookout Bear), Billy Peck, and Paul Harder III for another amazing adventure into the loving world of Zoobilee Zoo. Facebook.com/ZoobileeZooPo…
  • Episode 3 – Blue Ribbon Zoobles
    Michael (Lookout Bear), Paul, and Billy are back with Blue Ribbon Zoobles! Join us as we discuss the episode where Whazzat is trying to find the perfect talent to showcase at the fair!
  • Episode 2 – Two’s A Crowd
    Michael (Lookout Bear), Billy, and Paul are back talking about Two’s A Crowd. We hope you’re having a great time with these episodes and learning new things about one of our favorite shows!
  • Episode 1 – A Star Is Born
    Happy 35th anniversary, Zoobaroos!!! Welcome to the official first episode of the Zoobilee Zoo Podcast.
  • Pilot Episode – The Theme Song
    Thank you for joining us on this pilot episode where Michael B. Moynahan (Lookout Bear) and his friends Billy and Paul discuss the early development of casting Zoobilee Zoo and then deep dive into recording the music and filming the intro to our belove…