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Vicious Circle Podcast Teaser
On The Vicious Circle Podcast, Pro Wrestling legend Sid Eudy talks about his life, careers, and the legacy that is 'Sid'.. Hear it first on Electronic Media Collective!
60s Reboot Becomes EMC Original
Hear our exciting announcement in this wild promo featuring 60's Reboot Podcast, the Grawlix Podcast, time travelling doppelgangers and a misguided mythical creature
Interview: Dustin Smothers of Pro Wrestling Mothership
Interview with Dustin Smothers, host of Pro Wrestling Mothership, The No-Coast Nerd, The Capitol Wrestling Podcast and The Wrestling Revolver Podcast!

60s Reboot Becomes EMC Original

The 60’s Reboot Podcast is now an Electronic Media Collective Original! Take a listen to this fun announcement promo featuring 60’s Reboot’s Matt D, the Grawlix Podcast crew, time travelling doppelgangers and even a mythical creature.

What does this announcement mean? First, it means 60’s Reboot is now exclusive to the network. You won’t find it on any other podcast network and it’s official website is now the 60’s Reboot page right here on the EMC site. Furthermore, the podcast has also become an Electronic Media Collective Original Production. We are working directly with the podcast’s producer to bring you more episodes and to aid in and elevate the show’s production.

This marks an exciting step forward in the evolution of the podcast network itself! Up until this point the majority of the podcasts we feature have been non-exclusive, independently produced series. Of course, we will continue to feature these shows. We love our non-exclusive indies! However, going forward you will see more EXCLUSIVE podcasts. Both independently produced series and podcasts produced FOR the podcast network.

We aim to become your go-to destination for quality entertainment talk podcasts! Come discover your new favorite podcasts.