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Vicious Circle Podcast Teaser
On The Vicious Circle Podcast, Pro Wrestling legend Sid Eudy talks about his life, careers, and the legacy that is 'Sid'.. Hear it first on Electronic Media Collective!
60s Reboot Becomes EMC Original
Hear our exciting announcement in this wild promo featuring 60's Reboot Podcast, the Grawlix Podcast, time travelling doppelgangers and a misguided mythical creature
Interview: Dustin Smothers of Pro Wrestling Mothership
Interview with Dustin Smothers, host of Pro Wrestling Mothership, The No-Coast Nerd, The Capitol Wrestling Podcast and The Wrestling Revolver Podcast!

Vicious Circle Podcast Teaser

Sid Eudy

Are you ready to hear the master and ruler of the world tell his story!? Because he is ready to talk! Sid Eudy aka Sid Vicious aka Sid Justice aka Sycho Sid is coming to the Electronic Media Collective!

On The Vicious Circle Podcast, Pro Wrestling legend Sid Eudy talks about his life, his careers, and the legacy that is ‘Sid’. The new podcast launches September 1st AND you can hear each episode FIRST on the EMC Podcast Network!

The Vicious Circle Podcast on Electronic Media Collective: https://electronicmediacollective.com/vicious-circle/

Sid also wants to hear from you! Drop him your questions and Sid will give you the straight answers on future episodes of the show. Send an email to info(at)viciouscirclepod.com or message the Vicious Circle Facebook page.

Vicious Circle Podcast Episode 12

This week Barry Norman, the writer of Sid's book, puts the Sid Eudy in time out.